Islamophobia: On the British War of definition and seeing the bigger picture

We told you the threat is white supremacy. You ignored us. – Randa Abdel-Fattah Outside Muslim communities of the ‘West’, it has been a heftier then usual year for reflecting upon Islamophobia. Transnationally the world came to a halt on March 15, 2019, when an Australian white supremacist in Christchurch New Zealand, bridged two mosquesContinue reading “Islamophobia: On the British War of definition and seeing the bigger picture”

On the cop who didn’t shoot… In response to Scott Gilmore

“One must apologize for daring to offer black love to a white soul.” – Frantz Fanon (1952) , “The Woman of Colour and the White Man”, Black Skin, White Masks “Yesterday at 1:30  in the afternoon”, as Scott Gilmore writes, “a  white van leapt the curb and careened down the sidewalk with no warning”… “We can onlyContinue reading “On the cop who didn’t shoot… In response to Scott Gilmore”

Whitewashing Britain: On the question of ‘when should we say ‘white’?’

    “The world, in a sudden emotional conversation, has discovered that it is white… Suddenly white folks had become ‘painfully conscious of their whiteness’, ‘the paleness of their bodily skins…fraught with tremendous and eternal significance’.”  –W.E.B Du Bois -The Souls of White Folk (1910:339)   It has been a month now since the “UniteContinue reading “Whitewashing Britain: On the question of ‘when should we say ‘white’?’”

Reclaiming ‘race’ in postcolonialism: A personal reflection on the politics of the racial experience

Originally posted on Media Diversified:
Written by Amal Abu-Bakare and edited by Xavia Warren This past October, while reading Homi Bhabha’s The Location of Culture, I came across the following poetic verse: “I am standing here in your poem-unsatisfied.” (1994:xxi) Originating from Eastern War Time, a poem by the radical feminist Adrienne Rich, this verse was highlighted…

The ‘Whiteness’ of alternative facts

Many individuals were shocked and appalled by Kellyanne Conway’s, counselor to President Trump,  statements yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. Here,Conway claimed  that  the White House had put forth “alternative facts” to ones reported by the news media about the size of Mr. Trump’s inauguration crowd.  While Chuck Todd seemed literally unable to stomach Kellyanne’sContinue reading “The ‘Whiteness’ of alternative facts”